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Healthy Eating Resources

20 Tips for Weight Control

American Heart Association's Nutrition Center – At the heart of good health is good nutrition. Recipes, pointers, dining out guide, and more

Books and Movies for Improving Health (PDF) – recommended by Dr. Lynn Mortenson, Chief of Health and Patient Education (Kaiser Permanente, Santa Rosa)

Choose Good Health: Choose Healthy Food (PDF) — Best Snacks

Fed Up-The movie that will change the way you eat forever. —Everything we’ve been told about food and exercise for the past 30 years is dead wrong. The film the food industry doesn’t want you to see.

Food for Health, recipes for life - Looking for healthy recipe ideas? Kaiser Permanente brings recipes and nutrition information to your fingertips.

Live Healthy — A great place to start when you want to live healthier, but aren’t sure where to begin. Let this collection of practical tools, tips, and information be your guide.

Nutrition Lifestyle Improvement Program (PDF) — Get the Most Benefits Out of What You Eat

Pledge to reduce sodium intake — American Heart Association

  • 16 Salt-Free Flavor Boosters — Put down the saltshaker. These 16 natural flavor enhancers will make you wonder why you ever used salt in the first place.

To win, we have to lose. The four-part HBO Documentary Film series, The Weight of the Nation

What Are You Going to Eat? (PDF) — Learn How To Get the Right Balance


California Center for Public Health Advisory Bubbling Over - This landmark study provides important scientific evidence of the direct contribution of sugar-sweetened beverages to California's $41 billion obesity epidemic.
Choose My Choose My Plate - USDA Tools and Tips for Healthy Eating
igrow Sonoma iGROW Sonoma - Growing, Eating, Sharing
Kaiser Permanente logo Kaiser’s Healthy Weight - Tips and tools to help you and your family maintain a healthy weight.
Rethink Your Drink Choose Healthy Drinks - Drinking even one sugary drink per day may lead to obesity and diabetes.

Making Flavored Waters at Home